Based in Gothenburg, we are the number one company in Sweden for construction procurement and contract management. In partnership with you, we challenge high costs and the environmental impact of the construction industry.

As a purpose-driven company, we pursue the following vision:

“We believe in a good deal and an efficient construction sector without waste, where invaluable insights and experiences are shared for sustainable community building.”

Our clients

Electric powerlines
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Bostadsutvecklare bostadsbyggande
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modern production of building materials
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Urban development


  • We specialise in construction, business relations and contracts

  • We are an independent partner to property owners and developers seeking the best contract solution in the Swedish market

  • 50 dedicated consultants within procurement and supply chain management in the property and construction industry

  • Coreco is currently involved in investment programs and projects worth in excess of €5 billion

Our Team

Our consultants are the backbone of the business and we put a lot of effort into recruiting people with the ambition to improve the industry. We have brought together some of the most dedicated people in the construction and property sectors when it comes to investments, business, and purchasing. Between us, we can call on many years of experience working in production at some of the largest construction companies in Sweden. Someone once said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. For us, this is a minimum requirement. We come from roles such as project buyer, contract negotiator, business developer and purchasing manager.

When you work for us, you can get on with your job as you see fit and influence your professional development. It makes no difference whether you are an employee or a self-employed consultant; it is our philosophy and conviction is that when we all contribute our individual insights, we become wiser together.